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Consumer Electronics and Wearable

Whether Google Project Glass or Apple Watch, it indicates that the future of mobile consumer technology might well be “wearable computing”. World-famous MIT puts forward that the computer should be wearable, just like glass or clothes on everyone’s body, change and interact with user based on different situations. The wearable computer may play the intelligent assistant part through head-up display, nature input equipment, personal WLAN, ambient awareness and telecommunication tool. As market research firm Gartner estimated, the market size for wearable electronics will reach 10 billion US dollars in 2016. The internet market may skew to the mobile terminals

  With the increasingly importance of wearable technology, the wireless connection between wearable device and smart phone might be the key to exploit the application potentials.

For example:

  via NFC technology, the consumer can link the wearable device with smart phone easily and build up fast interaction without any complicated setting;
     via Bluetooth Smart or Wi-Fi technologies, customer can get the health data (like consumed calories, heart rate) detected and stored in wearable devices and send them to smart phone or clouds with few battery;
  via Wi-Fi Direct technology, consumer can link two Wi-Fi devices directly without computers;
  via SIMCom GPS/BEIDOU/GLONASS satellite position technology, some interesting applications for wearable devices can be realized, such as patient tracking in clinical environment by doctor, targeted advertisements delivery from retailer to consumers.

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