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SIMCom’s LTE CAT1 module SIM7500JC has passed the certification by KDDI in Japan

On May 17, SIMCom’s LTE CAT1 module SIM7500JC passed the certification by KDDI in Japan. SIM7500 has now become the world’s first and the only CAT1 module certified by DOCOMO/SOFTBANK/KDDI in Japan. This shows the determination and strength of SIMCom to break into the Japanese market.


SIMCom’s LTE CAT4 module SIM7600CE formally passed China Mobile’s validation in performance and function

On May 8, IMCom’s LTE CAT4 module SIM7600CE formally passed China Mobile’s validation in performance and function. Up to now, our products which have passed such validation by China Mobile include SIM800C, SIM7000C, SIM7600CE, SIM7100C and SIM7100CE.


SIMCom’s SIM7000E -- the world’s first multi-mode module certified by Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA)

On May 9, SIMCom’s SIM7000E successfully passed the IMDA certification. It is the world’s first certified multi-mode module/Qualcomm platform module. This is of profound historical significance for SIMCom as it will enable them to enter the next generation module market in Southeast Asia region.


SIMCom SIM7500V and SIM7000A have been certified by Verizon

The LTE CAT1 module SIM7500V and LTE CAT M1 module SIM7000A by SIMCom have been certified by Verizon. The SIM7000A module is now certified by two North American operators, AT&T and Verizon.


SIMCom Joined Shanghai Getsoon Electronics Inc. at the 2018 China Electric Instruments and Meters Technology Symposium and Exhibition

On April 21, the 2018 China Electric Instruments and Meters Technology Symposium, co-sponsored by the China Instrument Manufacturers Association, State Grid Henan Metering Center, Xuji Group Corporation and other organizations was held at Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center. As an excellent supplier of telecommunication modules in the electric meter industry, SIMCom Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SIMCom) joined this activity together with Shanghai Getsoon Electronics Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Getsoon Electronics), the professional embedded solution provider in the electric meter industry.


SIMCom Attended Routes to Growth Asia Conference in Dublin

The Routes to Growth Asia Conference was held in Dublin from 23rd to 26th April 2018. The conference was organized by Enterprise Ireland in conjunction with Cathay Pacific. Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government organization responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. The mission of Enterprise Ireland is to accelerate the development of world-class Irish companies, helping them achieve strong positions in global markets, increase exports and promote job creation. SIMCom, as the great module supplier, was invited to attend the conference.


In Support of Self-service Retail | SIMCom Joins Hands with Xingyun Technology by Attending the International Smart Retail Exhibition

Shanghai Xingyun Technology Co., Ltd., a partner of SIMCom and a provider of shared equipment hardware and software services, recently presented the overall SDAAS-CLOUD, SDAAS-TOUCH and SDAAS-BOX solutions to everyone under the theme "Self-service Retail Solutions with Mobile Payments" at the International Smart Retailing Exhibition held in Shanghai. The shared coffee machine displayed at the event is embedded with the SIMCom LTE Cat4 module SIM7600CE. This makes it possible to achieve equipment sharing, IoT supervision, fast mobile payment and perform other functions. Now, let's introduce all the details through a video.


SIMCom Joins Hands with Jiekong Technology to Boost High-end Vending Machines at the International Smart Retail Exhibition

SIMCom's partner Hangzhou Jiekong Technology Co., Ltd. recently participated in the International Smart Retail Exhibition held in Shanghai with its "one-stop solution to high-end vending machines" displayed at the exhibition. Jiekong Technology showcased in detail the industry's first low-temperature frozen suction vending machine, integrated lift-type vending machine, medicine vending machine, 'screenless' vending machines, and an integrated vending machine management platform.