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SIMCom: Defining the 5G S-Module and Facilitating the Implementation of 5G for Commercial Use

Since the concept was formed, 5G has been targeting superior definition video communication, VR/AR, driverless technology, and other highly-sophisticated applications, and is even expected by various countries to become not only a kind of new communication technology, but also the new power for industry upgrading as well as the latest growth driver for economic development. With enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-low time delay, several connection options and ultra-high reliability, 5G technology has always been defined through its use of various “superior adjectives”. However, if we want to achieve such ‘superior performance’, ensure the protocol is kept up to speed, also adapt to complex conditions including possible multi-carrier and multi-terminal protocols, we need to lead the industry. However, time waits for no one. So the speed of maturing the entire vertical industry must keep pace with the speed of increasing demand.


Video: SIMCom helps industrial Internet of Things - heat exchange station monitoring solution

Currently, the industrial Internet of Things has become the key to efficiency for energy and enterprise solutions. In the macro-environment of central heating in North China, with the gradual increase in demand for heating and other public services and heating service quality, plus traditional heating enterprise management and technological limitations, the intelligent transformation of heat exchange stations has become the driving force for heating enterprises to ease bottlenecks. The heat exchange station remote monitoring solution independently developed by Analog Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, a SIMCom partner, performs real-time monitoring of the primary water supply of heat exchange stations, secondary back-water network pressure, temperature and other data as well as the state of circulating pumps, make-up water tanks and other equipment in water supply pipelines. It also intensively reports and transmits the data to a cloud platform through a gateway equipped with the SIM7600CE communication module.


Video: SIMCom provides solutions for the smart agriculture, fishing and breeding industries

With the gradual popularization of Internet of Things technology, there smart solutions are starting to appear in our common fields. In the field of smart agriculture, SIMCom’s partners have brought us the smart fishing and breeding industry solution. The solution independently developed by Analog Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is used for detecting dissolved oxygen and temperature, as well as other parameters for fishponds. It is also used for the remote control of feeders, aerators, make-up pumps and other equipment in fishponds. Fishing users can observe the real-time state of fishponds remotely. Now let’s find out more about the solution with a video.


Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission and the West China Branch (Chongqing) of CAICT visited SIMCom for a research trip.

On July 2, 2018, Ai Wanzhong, the Deputy Director of the Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission, and Zhang Yan, the Vice President of the West China Branch (Chongqing) of CAICT, paid a visit to SIMCom Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. for a research trip.


SIMCom’s module SIM7000JC has passed the certification by KDDI to become the first module CAT-M1 approved for use in Japan.

On May 17, SIMCom’s LTE CAT1 module SIM7500JC passed the certification by KDDI in Japan. SIM7500 has now become the world’s first and only CAT1 module certified by DOCOMO/SOFTBANK/KDDI in Japan. This shows the determination and strength of SIMCom to break into the Japanese market. On June 29th, SIMCom’s module SIM7000JC passed the certification by KDDI and became the first module CAT M1 approved by Japanese law and operators. The two product lines of SIMCom’s 4G and NB-IoT have passed the certification by Japanese operators successively, demonstrating the determination of SIMCom to march into the Japanese market.


SIMCom’s New Home!——“SIMCom’s” starting point, “SIMCom’s” journey

Congratulations on SIMCom Wireless Solutions’ new home! On July 1st, 2018, on this special day, SIMCom moved to a new home, bringing great enthusiasm and happiness to all its employees.


Beijing Internet of Things Exhibition | What should you do when you take a bus without carrying any change? SIMCom’s Application can help!

If you unexpectedly find that you have no change available when you are about to get on a bus after a long period of waiting at a bus station, then what would you do? You may blame yourself for not picking up a bus card or for not having any change ready in advance, anyway, never mind. As the pressure of living in cities is high, technology can help you with such trivialities.


Smart City Detection: from "Sensing China" to "Smart City"

"In the face of fierce international competition, we should be quickly establishing a sensing information center for China or a 'Sensing China' center” said Premier Wen Jiabao in August 2009. At that time, 3G was the fashionable word. This was just four years after Germany proposed the concept of “4.0” and a year and a half after the arrival of the landmark Iphone 4 in China. It would have been hard to imagine how interconnected and digitalized the world was to become.