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SIMCom Contributes to the Sharing Economy: Solution for Ten Thousand Shared Active Massage Chairs

Following the bike-sharing explosion, the sharing economy has become part of many people's daily routine. And off the back of the popularity and convenience of shared umbrellas, chargers, parking spaces, etc., the sharing economy model continues to boom and expand, and shared massage chairs can now be added to that growing list of shared products.


Using a Shared Massage Chair via a Mobile APP


Benefiting from a huge number of internet users in China and service-oriented consumption, as well as the improvement of the Internet infrastructure, China's sharing economy is expected to be worth USD 230 billion by 2018 with a compound annual growth rate of 54%, accounting for 40% of the global sharing economy, thus putting China into pole position in the global sharing economy.


Market Scale of Sharing Economy of China from 2015 to 2018


"It only took us one week to remodel this batch of shared massage chairs, making them becoming smart terminals". Manager Chen, the solution supplier, was relieved with the delivery of the last batch of 1,500 smart massage chairs.

We know that such commercial massage chairs are connected to the cloud server via IoTbox, which contains the SIMCom GPRS module, and is characterized by easy networking, low power consumption, built-in server information, plug-and-play, etc. Final customers just need to scan the QR code on the chair and pay with their phones, and then they can use the massage chairs.


Solution Architecture of the Shared Massage Chair


The completion of the whole solution made up of a terminal-management-cloud system relies on the in-depth explorations of the process of service-oriented consumption. When SIMCom finishes upgrading client products to smart terminals, the following cloud service will fulfill the requirements of client operations. At present, over 10,000 chairs from this batch of massage chairs equipped with the SIMCom GPRS module are connected to the solution supplier's cloud service, which meets the service needs of the users, and provides manufacturers with various improved data, to enhance product service quality.


Management Platform and Mobile Terminal Interface of Shared Massage Chairs

CNNIC data showed that by the end of 2016, the number of internet users in China exceeded 700 million, among which mobile online payment users reached 470 million. However, a huge number of these internet users are constantly veering towards offline consumption areas, making payment scenarios plentiful and diversified. With the millennials at the forefront of the new era, personalized needs have become one of the main trends, and living life with a good material consumption and spiritual balance has changed original perceptions of consumer services. Taking the shared massage chair as a standard case, sharing markets such as shared chargers and batteries are sure to have a promising future.


Age Structure of China's Internet Users and Top5 Body Care Products Preferred by those born post-80s


Along with the extension of the sharing economy, the concept of sharing has gradually extended to certain patterns in terms of B2C proprietary trading (e.g. time shares), C2B (e.g. mobile phone recycling), C2B2C (e.g. consignment sales of second-hand clothes), and B2B2C (e.g. service crowd sourcing). Regarding massage chairs, manufacturers provide the chairs, merchants provide the appropriate spaces, and the relevant parties sign the contracts, reaching an agreement whereby the merchants take charge of day-to-day supervision, the company provides after-sales maintenance. When customers start to pay to use massage chairs, the earnings can be checked by the merchants at any time through the management platform, meanwhile, the profits generated by the massage chairs can be distributed to the relevant parties in accordance with the agreed ratio. And of course, a strong business model has played an important role in the rapid development of the massage chair industry.

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