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SIMCom Partners with Ayla Sunsea at AWE2018

At the beginning of March 2018, the annual Appliance & electronics World Expo 2018 (AWE 2018) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The Expo, with its “Smart Life, Global Platform” theme, aims to outline a vision of Smart Life for global consumers. SIMCom was present at the Expo together with the world-famous IoT platform Ayla Sunsea, aiming to create an all-round IoT Eco-Service chain from end to cloud for global consumers in their future Smart Life.

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The Expo has attracted over 800 domestic and overseas well-known enterprises in the fields of household appliances and consumer electronics, as well as other multi-industry enterprises. Cutting edge technologies and development trends have been highlighted together with innovative products in industries such as household appliances, consumer electronics, smart hardware, artificial intelligence and the Internet. Most of these innovative products feature wireless interconnection. 

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Let’s take range hoods as an example. New products launched at this year's AWE have mostly been networked with functions such as voice and video, and support Android systems. At present, most products like these ones use WIFI modules for transmission, which must support an additional set of independent systems developed separately for correct use. SIMCom also launched their brand new smart module series at AWE. The series has various multimedia interfaces featuring a WIFI+4G communication function, built-in Android system, and is secondary development supported. It can save time and costs for such kind of applications, accelerate product cycle iteration, and enhance overall competitiveness.

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Another clear trend at the AWE is that besides the networking by the application of non-cellular network transmission (WiFi Bluetooth Zigbee) technology, cellular technologies have been found to be used in an increasing number of products (NB-IoT/ 4G/ 2G,etc.). 

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NB-IoT Refrigerator at the Expo

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NB-IoT Intelligent Door Lock

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NB-IOT Commercial Water Dispenser

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NB-IOT Air Purifier

Thanks to vigorous promotion by the three main domestic operators, NB-IoT technologies are becoming mature. Chinese household appliance manufacturers are taking the lead in using NB-IoT technologies for the interconnection of all things, and are comprehensively introducing “Made in China” brands to the world.

With rich experience in NB-IoT modules, SIMCom has developed a variety of products. Among them, SIM7000G is an eMTC/NB-IoT/EDGE wireless communication module targeting the global market. It supports global frequency bands FDD-LTE B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B17/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B39 (B39 CAT-M1 only) and GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz frequency bands. SIM7000G has the following distinct advantages:

1.   Smooth upgrade: The module is 68 PIN LCC encapsulated with a size of 24 X 24 X 2.6mm. SIM7000G encapsulation is compatible with SIM800/SIM900 modules to enable users to upgrade smoothly, as well as enabling shortened research and development time and faster launches of products onto the market.

2.   Low power consumption: The module supports PSM mode.

3.   Supports diversified networking protocols: The module supports TCP/UDP/LWM2M/COAP/MQTT/FTP/HTTP/TLS/DTLS/NTP and other diversified networking protocols.

4.   Supports secondary development and saves costs: Without the need for an external MCU and by fully using the resources of SIM800/SIM900 wireless modules, it enables function to port and embeds programs that otherwise would have been implemented by the external MCU into the wireless module, achieving savings in costs. Moreover, RTOS multithreading, messages and other technologies are used for more efficient development. API interfaces of hardware are used for reduced difficulties in development.

5.   Supports FOTA remote upgrade with broad coverage: Compared with GSM, NB-IoT features strong gain with wide signal coverage, making it possible for products to provide wireless communication in locations such as basements.

6.   Various hardware interfaces: Interfaces such as UART, GPIO, ADC and USB give the module to strong expansibility and great convenience for users to develop products.

At the AWE, famous household appliance manufacturers such as Haier and Midea visited the booth of SIMCom and Ayla Sunsea, and complimented SIMCom's modules and Ayla Sunsea's cloud. Ayla Sunsea's cloud can help enterprises adapt to market changes in the future in a flexible way to achieve faster time-to-market of IoT products and in-depth analysis of the use of the products.

AWE2018, which SIMCom and Ayla Cloud Service jointly attended a few days ago, finished with a perfect ending. However, it is just the beginning of their partnership which aims to achieve a vision of China's Smart Appliances and Smart Life in the future. It is believed that, through the ecological cooperation between SIMCom and Ayla Cloud Service, it may not be long before the notion of “Smart Life, Global Platform” becomes a reality. 


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