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SIMCom present at the Shenzhen Computing Conference to Boost Unmanned Retail.

On March 28, 2018, SIMCom was invited to attend the 2018 Computing Conference, which was grandly held at the Shenzhen Sheraton Hotel and focused on the theme of “Redefine Future - Feel the Smart Era with All Things Interconnected and Gain an Insight into a Brand-new Future with Digital Transformation". At the conference, many aspects of AliCloudyun IoT ecology, such as smart city, smart life, smart manufacturing and smart stores were displayed. The conference also covered 20+ sessions to demonstrate full-industry digital transformation solutions for AI and new retail. As a partner with long-term friendly and cooperative relations with AliCloud IoT, at the conference, SIMCom mainly displayed the prototype demo and scenarios which apply to the theme of "Boosting Unmanned Retail and Accelerating the Sharing of Traditional Products", and discussed topics such as functional design, solution integration, and operation modes focusing on the "shared scene".

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As the sharing economy becomes part of public life, more and more traditional equipment manufacturers have begun to transform into IoT enterprises. According to the date released by the State Information Center, in 2017, the transaction volume on the sharing economy market reached 4,920.5 Billion RMB, an increase of 47.2% compared with the previous year. China's sharing economy is expected to achieve rapid growth of over 30% per year in the next five years. Influenced by such a great economic trend, networking of equipment, and the rapid implementation of sharing and IoT have become the major growth areas for enterprises to improve their profit model.

Achievement of IoT in traditional enterprises - smart DTU

For networking of equipment, an important component called the Data Transfer Unit (DTU) is used to achieve data transmission through a wireless communication network. It is regarded as the core of the solution for the networking of equipment, mobile payment and unmanned retail. Centering on DTU features and in combination with the effective development of the SIM800C, SIMCom aims to implement IoT in traditional devices to meet the needs of easy networking and lower costs, and also provide support to cloud coin integration and payment via code scanning.

On this occasion, a DTU using SIM800C (2G network) was displayed at the SIMCom booth. This DTU is smaller than a 1 RMB coin, and its final area covering no more than that of a business card with integrated consideration of the circuit board of the peripheral communication component.

Acceleration of sharing of traditional devices - advertising screen for unmanned retail device

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How to enhance output brought by the operation mode of IoT devices is deemed as the goal for enterprises in order to further explore the needs in business scenarios. Screens to enable additional ad businesses and optimized interactive operation may result in more outputs. At the booth site, SIMCom showed the advertising screen of the unmanned retail device, which is equipped with a SIM8950 board card, and can provide basic functions such as equipment networking and transmission, and those to effectively control the receiving/sending, and replacement of advertisement displays.


Acceleration of sharing of traditional devices - shared fresh ground coffee machine for unmanned retail


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At the venue of this Computing Conference, SIMCom sold SIMCom Coffee, through its shared fresh ground coffee machine demo for customers. The machine is designed and transformed based on a traditional coffee machine, and is embedded with the SIM7600CE 4G LTE Cat4 module to implement equipment sharing, IOT-based supervision, and fast mobile payment. According to the data from the SIMCom ecological laboratory, SIMCom’s technical team is making efforts to implement sharing and IOT technology into unmanned retail solutions. A large number of shared ice cream machines, shared mahjong machines, shared tissue machines, shared massage chairs, shared washing machines, shared claw crane machines, shared playground riding games, shared umbrellas and shared power banks are all emerging.

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