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SIM7000A is Certified by GCF, PTCRB and FCC

SIM7000A is Certified by GCF, PTCRB and FCC

SIMCom Wireless Solutions, a global leading M2M wireless modules and solutions supplier,announced that its CATM module SIM7000A has recently completed GCF, PTCRB and FCC certifications, which means that SIM7000A has become the world's first eMTC module certified by GCF andPTCRB!

SIM7000A module

The SIM7000A is Multi-Band LTE-FDD module solution in a SMT type which supports LTE CAT-M1(eMTC) up to 375kbps data transfer. The dimension is 24 X 24 X 2.6mm and the weight is 3.0g.It has strong extension capability with rich interfaces including UART, USB2.0, GPIO etc. The module provides much flexibility and ease of integration for customer's application.The package of SIM7000A is compatible with SIM900 and SIM800F. AT commands of SIM7000A are mostly compatible with SIM800F. This also minimize the investments of customers, and enables a short time-to market.

SIM7000A is designed for applications that need low latency, medium throughput data communication in a variety of radio propagation conditions. Due to the unique combination of performance, security and flexibility, this module is ideally suited for M2M applications, such as metering, telematics, asset tracking, remote monitoring , E-health, smart home, smart city and sharing bike.

In the future, SIMCom will continue to increase R&D investment and provide customers with more high-quality products.


- GCF (Global Certification Forum)
  was established jointly by operators and terminal manufacturers in 1999, it’s goal is to ensure the global interoperability of the terminasl through an independent Certification process. The forum includes major GSM network operators and the world's mainstream end manufacturers, and invites test instruments developers to participate in GCF activities.

- The PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board)
  was established by north American mobile operators in 1997.The current operators are not limited to North America, but are among the world'smobile operators.The board aimsto provide model authentication for end products and templates including Cellular GERAN(GSM), UTRAN (UMTS) and E-UTRAN (LTE).

- The FCC (Federal CommunicationsCommission)
  coordinate domestic and international communication by controlling the radio, TV, telecom, satellite and cable, and is responsible for the authorization and management of radio transmission device and equipment in addition to the Federal governmentuse.Many radio applications, communications products and digital products need to be certified by the FCC to enter the U.S. market.

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