Terminals & ODM Trackers


GPS tracker, which is integrated with GPS module and GSM/GPRS/3G cellular communication module, can realize the accurate position, real-time tracking, remote monitoring, anti-theft and anti-robbery for the remote target utilizing GPS satellite positioning and cellular mobile network. In general, the GPS tracker has durable, small size, fashionable appearance, and high position accuracy characteristics. The supervisor can inquire the target location via mobile phone, Internet, PDA at all times and places; meanwhile track the target moving direction and listen the sound around 5-15 meters. Regardless of the target in the room or in the basement, the track of target can be precisely positioned using GPS tracker.


GPS tracker can be applied to monitor the whereabouts of child and the aged, highway patrol, valuable cargo tracking, trace and service dispatch, private detective, personal belongings tracking, pets tracking, wild animal tracking, freight transport, vehicle anti-theft, motorcycle anti-theft, cash truck tracking, military exercise control, official car management, etc.



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